Is type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes more common in 6 year olds?

Still type 1. Type 2 incidence approaches type 1 --- post puberty in some ethnicities.
Type 1. Type 2 used to be known as "adult diabetes", but as more children become obese, it's showing up in ever younger ages.
1. Type 1 is more common, usually type 2 presents when the child reaches puberty.
Type one only. The diabetic condition is basicly divided into those kids who loose the ability to make Insulin (type 1)& those adults (type 2)who make Insulin but not enough in quantity or quality to do the job.That job is transporting glucose into cells for metabolism. You could develop type 1 as an adult, but I have never seen or heard of a type 2 under the age of 15( he was an overweight hypertensive teen.).