Hello. I am a sophomore in high school and am an athlete. Last year I played football and subluxed my right shoulder twice. Afte I've been icing and heating it. Trying to rest it.

See Shoulder Surgeon. Given your young age and the injury you describe, i suspect you have a persistently unstable shoulder. Get a detailed evaluation with a shoulder specialist. Learn more here: http://www.Theshouldercenter.Com/shoulderpain/2012/shoulder-surgery/playing-can-worsen-already-damaged-shoulders and /http://theshouldercenter.Com/unstable-shoulder.Htm.
First . First of all, you want to be sure that the injury was a subluxation rather than one of the oft confused injuries in the differential diagnosis such as a "separation" (sprain to the acromioclavicular joint) or a physeal fracture (separation or displacement of the growth plate for the upper portion of the humerus bone). If it is a subluxation, there may be damage to the glenoid labrum. This can be confirmed with an mri-arthrogram. If the labrum is torn (ie, a "bankart lesion, " there is an extremely high chance that the shoulder will subluxate or dislocate again. If this is the case, surgical treatment may need to be considered in order to repair the labrum. If the labrum is not torn, physical therapy may be effective. For football players with unstable shoulders, a brace or harness that restricts abduction (movement of the arm away from the side) may afford some additional protection while playing football.