Is there anything I can do if my 7yo seems like she is having precocious puberty?

Go to the doctor. Early puberty is defined in girls when breast development begins before she's 8 yo. In boys, genital enlargement before 9 yo is considered early. An evaluation by your child's pediatrician or family practice doctor can help to determine if further evaluation is needed by a pediatric endocrinologist who specializes in conditions which cause early development of secondary sexual characteristics.
Precocious puberty. Yes - you can see a pediatric endocrinologist (board certified is better) who can give you guidance on treatment. There are treatments available.
Evaluate promptly. Absolutely! have her evaluated asap by a knowledgeable pediatrician, pediatric endocrinologist, or a reproductive endocrinologist. It's likely there's nothing dangerous going on, but at age 7 do not guess, do not consult your friends, and do not put it off! this can be sorted out quickly by an expert.
Schedule a checkup. The appearance of a few "curlies" as one mom called them can be alarming.Parents should share their concerns with their physician as they arise.Your dr can review your findings & look for evidence of increased growth& bone maturity and test for hormones if it is indicated. Treatment if needed is taylored to the cause. Some signs without evidence of other changes can be seen in girls as early as 6.