Can a12 year old take diet pills she dosent have a heart condision she had ashama as a kid but not any more she dosent have serious problemsshe is just over weight

Should not take. A teenager, regardless of allergy, should not be on diet pills. She should be on a reasonable diet, preferably with the the help of a pediatric dietician, regular aerobic exercise (including dance, martial arts), eliminating soda pop, fried food, sweets and tv time. If necessary, a family dietary program may be necessary. If asthma interferes with exercise, she needs to see an asthma specialist.
Diet . Diet pills often do not work, nor are they safe - especially for a child. If she is having difficulty with her weight, you should schedule an appointment with her doctor to discuss. A healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and skim milk along with daily exercise is the best way for anyone to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Eliminating fast food, soda, juice, fried foods and sweets is important, too. Studies show that children are most successful with weight loss when the whole family participates in following a healthy lifestyle together.