Does Adderall mess with menstrual cycles? I started taking Adderall about a month ago and I should have had my period 2 weeks ago. I also had my IUD removed on november 11th. Took a test and it came up negative.

Possible. Any medication can affect cycles. Does Adderall help? Esp with impulse and does your focus improve. If it does Adderall may be for you, also Concerta which is not Adderall could also improve things and may not interfer with menses or strattera, (atomoxetine) [ i believe works well with adults]. Taking these meds is alway an experiment because you are unique.
Yes, . Yes, Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) can affect ovulation and your menstrual cycle. There are other causes but if your cycles were previously regular before you started adderal than this is the likely cause. Are you planning pregnancy with your removal of the iud? If not you should choose another form of contraception.