Is this serious? Do I need to seek medical attention? Central upper abdominal pain appearing about an hour after eating. Between rib cage and belly button...Waves of pain has been lasting several hours...Sometimes severe. Cramplike. Male 54 years old

Other . Other things to consider if this happens routinely after you eat are gallstones and inadequate blood supply to the bowel. Gallstone pain is classically brought on by eating fatty foods and is most easily tested for with ultrasound. The problem of inadequate blood supply to the bowel (called mesenteric ischemia) is much less common than gallstones. It can also be tested for with ultrasound, though the tech needs to know that he or she should be looking at blood vessels.
You . You could have gastroesophageal reflux, a petic ulcer or a hiatal hernia. All can probably be managed easily with medication. Go and see your primary care physician, if you can.