Should I stop my child from running because of her bad asthma? The school makes them run miles, and freshman year they make them run it without telling them the date. Whenever she runs her asthma gets worse the longer or faster she runs. She does take her

Not controlled. It sound like your child asthma is not controlled well. I would recommend you follow your action plan to the letter in order to achieve control with her medications. Kids should be active, run and play sports even when they have asthma. The secret is good control.
Her . Her asthma is not controlled if this is happening. It would be advisable to see a specialist , allergist or pulmonary md, to see that she is on the proper medication and that the diagnosis is the correct one.
The . The goal for treating asthma is to allow patients to participate in the activities they enjoy with no limitations. If your child is having symptoms of asthma with exercise i would suggest you see an asthma specialist to ensure she is receiving appropriate therapy.