Does hormone replacement therapy work-testorone im 56 have personal trainer, I see little results so far have tried pellets and shots

YES YES. Sometimes to reach optimal levels, it may take the 2nd insertion. If you aren't seeing the results, chances are your doctor did not dose you high enough. Most of my patients notice positive changes within a few days! For more information visit www. Doctorscotts. Com.
Depends. Yes it works. But it depends why you are using and what type. The more you deviate from routine therapy the less effective the therapy is. So it is really individualized treatment by a reproductive endocrinologist.

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I take Lamictal 300mg daily for bipolar. I was also diagnosed with a hormone imbalance. I get the pellet hormone replacement therapy every 6 months with testosterone pellets. My testosterone levels were at "4" when they did the blood work, but they shoul

Inadequate data. There is inadequate data to give an opinion. Please clarify the reason why you were prescribed testosterone. It is very unusual to see testosterone implant therapy used in a female. Also please give precise details of the testosterone level (total or free or bioavailable?) and the lab value with units.

Is testosterone treatment for aging men comparable for hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women?

Yes. Having been in this situation, I can tell you that balancing out hormones in men is just as important as doing so for women. Men lose their sex drive, become Insulin resistant, lose their vitality. I'll post a page later that describes my own personal treatment success. I feel great at almost 52 years of age.
Very simular. Signs of decreasing testosterone levels include generalized fatigue, easier fatigueability, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, and decreased cognitive function. Testosterone product begins on average to decrease by 1 to 3% per annum from about age thirty. After appropiate labs, including a total and free testosterone, and psa, supplimentation can be very benefical.
Maybe. With hormone replacement for menopausal women, we have both observational & randomized controlled trials (rcts). The former give us hypotheses while the latter demonstrate cause & effect. We have lots of observational studies suggesting higher testosterone is better (lower all-cause, cardiovascular & cancer mortality). Short-term rcts haven't teased out all risks & benefits yet.
Yes and No. Men do not usually go through complete hormonal shutdown like women do in menopause. While it is normal to decrease a little, especially in your free testosterone, some men have greater drops and need treatment. For more: www. Peedoc. Com @thepeedoc.
Yes, but... Men have andropause, which is the male equivalent of menopause. Tthe reference range for testosterone is large, so many men who need testosterone are not being treated by their physicians. "normal" is not optimal. Symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, belly fat, high cholesterol, depression, low sex drive, ed, decreased mental sharpness, irritabile and/or anxious mood, etc.

In using bio identical hormone replacement therapy, for a 57y/o, what is the target values to make me feel young and sexy in my blood work.

No magic. Bioidentical is a great marketing phrase, but has no medical substantiation. It's just another hype to sell product. Blood work values don't make you feel young and sexy. That all a state of mind and mental attitude.

I'm 42 and started to feel like I don't have a lot of energy or a sex drive and I've gained weight. Will hormone replacement therapy help?

Which hormones. The symptoms you describe are very nonspecific. Hormone replacement only helps those who are hormone deficient. In the presence of a described deficiency of thyroid hormone, replacement is very helpful. Replacement of estrogen and Progesterone in the peri menopausal is more controversial due to ongoing risk of clots and cancers. Rarer hormone deficiencies require an endocrine evaluation.