Having trouble getting pregnant could there be something wrong both me and my husband do use drugs in the past

Possible, but. There are many factors to consider. 1st: smoking cigarettes is detrimental to pregnancy for both partners. Marijuana debilitates sperm's ability to move and fertilize. Cocaine, heroin, mdma are not clear in their effects on conceiving but they are hostile to a growing pregnancy. Drug use is associated with h/o stds with can be harmful to fallopian tubes and fertilization. Your gyn should b helpful.
In . In any given month, a woman has a 15-25% of becoming pregnant and 90% of couples will get pregnant in the first year they try. A few things you can to do help is: - understand your menstrual cycle and have sex during your most fertile time - have more sex (if you don't have sex often, it makes it harder to become pregnant) - see your doctor for a yearly exam if you have not had one to make sure everything checks out if you are over 30, have an irregular cycle, or have been trying for more than a year, call your ob/gyne to discuss. They may want to do blood tests to assess your fertility. If your prior drug use involved using needles, make sure you are honest with your doctor about this. There are certain diseases such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c and HIV contracted through IV drug use that can put your baby at risk if you do not know you have them. Good luck!