Very cranky 4 month old my 4 month old little girl has been very cranky today on top of that she has been chewing on her hands more and not eating as much what could be wrong?

Even . Even though it's a little early (most kids get their first teeth after 6 months), there's a possibility that she could be teething. Teething and the symptoms attributed to it are a common concern for parents. Lots of studies have looked at this and shown the most common symptoms of teething to be: -increased biting -drooling -gum-rubbing -sucking -irritability -wakefulness -ear rubbing -facial rash -decreased appetite for solid foods -slightly elevated temperature (under 100.4f) of course none of these symptoms accurately and consistently predict tooth eruption - that would be too easy, right? If you think your child might be ill, you should give her doctor a call.