High BP avg 160-180 /90-105 heart rate 50-55 light headed feel very bad what should I do have no health insurance

High BP. Your BP is high and should be evaluated, but concerning that your heart rate is low, so would get seen either at a clinic or doctor's office you may need to take meds.
Your . Your blood presure is moderately elevated and heart rate is moderately reduced. Important is the fact you do not feel well. You should see a doctor. Go to the link below to access the georgia free clinic network with over 100 clinics in georgia serving the underinsured.

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I have mono, rapid heart rate 104 bpm elevated WBC 14, 000 chest hurts under left shoulder, light headed and head ache my left side weaker than right?

Not too unexpected. The heart rate is not very significant & is well tolerated by your heart/system at your age.I don't consider the WBC you list as really elevated. The discomfort you feel on your left side probably reflects pressure of an enlarging spleen.It is located in that area and often enlarges for several weeks in mono.The headache & discomfort are also common.You may want your doc to verify these issues. Read more...