My daughter has a ringworm looking rash on her arms and was wondering what can she use to remove it. She had some type of birth control implanted in her arm that left this kind of scar on her arm it seems like her skin has turned a dark color beneath the

Show to Tyne. I would show this to your gynecologist to make sure the implant is not about to extrude.
Begin with diagnosis. You must identify the condition so you can determine the treatment. "Ringworm looking" is not a useful description. See the Dr.
It . It sounds like you might be describing a scar that was created from having the birth control implanted in her arm. Hard to tell without a picture. This is possibly a hypertrophic scar or keloid scar. These are tough to improve but options would include silicone gel sheeting (otc), Retin-A cream, laser treatments, or injections of steroid into the area. I hope that helps!