My 7 year old daughter swallowed a quarter, she is not showing signs of distress, do I let it pass normally or take her to ER she is acting normal & complaining of nothing

? Really? If it made it into her stomach, she will readily drink fluids and if so there is no emergency. A trip to a clinic with x-ray capability could verify the presence and location of a quarter. If present you can consult with the staff on whether they think it will pass naturally or need to be retrieved. I wouldn't worry much at her age if it were a nickle/dime or penny, but a quarter is borderline.
I. I hope you have gotten this problem taken care of and your daughter is ok since it has been six days since you submitted this question! For future reference, any time a child swallows an undigestible object such as a quarter, you should either call your child's doctor or proceed to the er. An object, such as a quarter, can lodge in the esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach) and erode through which is a very serious medical problem. Another concern is that if the quarter is stuck high in the throat, the child can cough it up and have it re-lodge in the airway which is also a serious problem. The child may or may not have symptoms and may be able to drink water without difficulty, so this is not a good test as to if the quarter is stuck. The safest thing to do is call your child's doctor or go to the er for a x-ray. An x-ray will be able to tell you if the quarter is in the stomach (just needs to be followed) or is lodged in the esophagus, throat or airway (must be removed). If you think it could be a disc battery (like in a watch) this is a surgical emergency and the child should be seen in the er as soon as possible for removal.