I have seizures, and they hurt, but when I smoke pot everyday I seam not to have them, and when I do not I have them more I ve tried to find out for myself if it was just me or is there any answer to why I do not have seizures after smoking or taking th

Dont understand ? I don't know what you mean by seizures. Convulsions cause unconsciousness and do not "hurt, " although afterwards you may feel sore muscles, and if you fall and hurt yourself you will feel whatever that may be. Your questions cannot be properly answered online, you need a doctor to take a full history, do an exam, and get specialized tests like an eeg, ct scan, blood tests and other things.
This . This is something you should bring up with your neurologist. The thc is increasing your seizure threshold (meaning less seizures) for an unknown reason. Regardless your doctor may be happy with this outcome and decide to prescribe medical marijuana. Honestly I am not sure if it is legal in your state, but it is definitely worth bringing up to your neurologist. Best of luck.