I have fat pockets one on each side on my inner thighs what is it called? How do you get them? How do you get rid of them?

It . It can be considered localized adiposity. Unfortunately excessive fat collection is determined genetically as you gain extra weight. Some gain it in their hips, others their buttocks and yet others, their thigh or abdomen. At this point, you are unfortunately unable to spot lose weight in one specific area. These areas of localized adiposity can potentially be treated with traditional or ultrasonic liposuction as long as the skin laxity is not too decreased in that area. If the skin is too loose or relaxed, you may then require a thigh lift type of procedure to get rid of extra skin.
Fat . Fat accumulates in certain areas based on many factors including hereditary factors, your sex, age and body weight. The inner thigh is a common area to see localized fat which is very normal. Liposuction is a routine, safe procedure that can improve these and other areas of contour bulging when performed properly on the right patient. You should consult with a plastic surgeon in your area to evaluate your options.
Fatty . Fatty accumulation at the inner thighs is common in patient's with a history of obesity and/or significant weight loss. The skin is very thin here, and when weight is lost, the skin may not shrink back as well as in other areas. The best treatment may be liposuction or simply removing the extra skin by performing a medial thigh lift. A plastic surgeon would likely be the best resource for diagnosis and determination of a proper treatment plan.