Is it ok to give 28 months old child vitamins as a supplement as she is been avoiding foods lately?

Picky eater. An age appropriate multivitamin is fine. However, I find a lot of these children are drinking too much. Limit milk to 16oz/day, fresh fruit, instead of juice, she will be hungrier. No walking around the house with a cup, as her 'best friend'! It gives her a constant feeling of fullness. Offer food, at meals and snacks, before beverages. Also, see your ped to make sure she's growing right. .
Yes. Generally available vitamin preparations are safe for toddlers & older children but the vitamins wash out daily unless they are needed.I like the liquid preps untill kids are talking so i can be sure they don't think its a treat and end up in an er after taking someones meds.Most toddlers that age slow to 2-3"/4lb/yr growth and seem to eat well 3-5 days a month, so the kid may not really need one.