Pregnant 10 weeks and ultrasound measuring almost eight weeks hCG level is 9000 could not hear heart beat....Help me understan so scared that im misscarrying im not bleeding nor cramping

See your ob. At a level of 9000, most often a heartbeat will be seen on ultrasound. Call your OB for an appt for a follow-up hormone level and ultrasound to see what's going on. Take care.
I. I am so sorry you were not given a proper explanation by your doctor. My advice is to contact the doctor's office right away and get answers until you understand everything completely. The reason I say this is because there are many other factors here that I have no way of knowing and I want you to get the right information. Soley based on what you stated in your post, it sounds like the pregnancy is not progressing. An HCG level of 9, 000 is extremely low and likely indicates the pregnancy is not viable thus no heart beat. Often times in this situation bleeding and cramping do not start right away. If you do not naturally miscarry then your doctor may do a procedure called d&c. Please see/call your doctor right away for follow up. Take care.

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How high is your hcg level suppose to be during 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Also can you hear a heart beat by that time during a vaginal ultrasound?

Hormones vary. The BHCG hormone levels vary widely from person to person. An isolated BHCG level can not be used to determine fetal viability. A fetal heart beat should be visible on transvaginal sonogram by 6-7 weeks if the gestational dates are correct.
The increase in HCG. Levels, rather than the absolute value, better reflects the health of a pregnancy. At six weeks, normal HCG levels can range from 1080 to 56, 500, A heartbeat can be detected as early as 6 weeks gestation. It might not be heard, but rather seen as a very tiny image of a beating heart. Hope this answers your question. Dr. Anne..

On 4/28 11 wks I went to my first prenatal visit. The ultrasound showed a fetus of 5/6 wks and a sack of 11 wks with no heart beat. On 5/1 I was given medication to help pass the fetus. On my check up 5/19 I had a positive test hcg level 142 and there wa

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I am 6 weeks pregnant, no heart beat found on intravaginal ultrasound. Baby measures 7mm. HCG levels are good. Should I worry?

Follow up is needed. Normally, if an accurate measurement performed by a certified skilled sonographer is that the embryonic pole is greater than 5-6 mm but cardiac activity can not be detected, there is an increased probability of an "early pregnancy loss". HCG reflects trophoblastic/placental development but not embryonic or fetal condition. A repeat sonogram should help answer your question.

Missed miscarriage at week 8, baby lost heart beat. Induced miscarriage with cytote 3 weeks ago, now hcg level 300 (was 337 two days ago), need D&C?

Probably... Cytotec (misoprostol) will usually cause you to pass the tissue left in your uterus. If it doesn't, a D&C is frequently performed. Its also a good idea to continue repeating the HCG level after the D&C until it is zero. This will ensure that there is no other problems related to the miscarriage such as gestational trophoblastic disease. Best Wishes!

My LMP was July 24th. Sac is measuring 5 wk 5 days last week but hCG levels of 10 thousand. No yolk sac or heart beat. By LMP I should b 8+2. Normal?

No. This is very concerning. You may have conceived later than you think but there is cause for concern. The hcg level should be repeated to see if it is rising and if so how fast. This may be a blighted ovum and you are just such a good mother that you haven't miscarried yet. Remember, this sort of thing usually happens because there was something wrong with the baby and not due to something you did.

My HCG levels dropped no fetal heart beat measuring 6 weeks am I miscarrying only Light spotting?

May be. The data you provided, falling HCG levels, is not a good sign. No heat beat at 6 weeks may be because it is too early. Fetal heart beat can be detected at about 6 weeks by vaginal ultrasound. At this stage, please wait and hope for the best, as there is not much that can be done.