Is there any efficient treatment for stevens-johnson syndrome hyperpigmentation? It's been a year since my daughter had sjs, but now she has hyperpigmentation all over her body. Is there any specific type of cream or laser treatment that would help?

Skin peeling. Steven johnson syndrome may cause skin peeling mimicking a 3rd degree burn. As the result , hyperpigmentation may follow . There are bleaching cream for this condition but it would not be safe or practical to apply over the entire body. I suspect that this condition would fade with time but consult a dermatologist if it does not improve in a few months. This is truly a frightening reaction.
Hyperpigmentation . Hyperpigmentation from a rash or generalized condition can take time to fade. It will typically fade if there are not subsequent new eruptions of the condition. To help fade them, though, i would recommend daily sunscreen and avoidance of the sun (the sun will keep the marks dark), a fade scream such as hydroquinone. Try that for a few months. If not improved, consider an ipl laser treatment, although if you have darker skin that won't typically work very well. I hope that helps a little!