How do I no if I dislocated, broke, or severly internally bruised my elbow earlier this morn I awoke with a sudden sharp pain with pressure on the right side (with elbow facing floor) of my elbow of my right arm and has increased throughout the day in2 th

Swelling . Swelling and loss of motion can be the result of trauma. That can mean a severe bruise or fracture. Swelling can also radially occur with infection, a joint problem such as gout or arthritis, which will also rapidly add to difficulty moving if swelling occurs rapidly. Loss of motion is a cause for concern and you should be seen by a health care provider and be examined and get x-rays for a start. The elbow is very sensitive to loss of motion when swollen and even a small hairline fracture in the radial head, a bone on the elbow, if not treated properly will result in difficulty extending the elbow fully.
It . It definitely sounds as if you would be best seeking care at an urgent care facility or emergency room. A doctor would need to get a full history regarding your elbow and your overall medical history, x-rays would be taken, and a proper diagnosis and treatment plan would be made.
Hello, . Hello, the best way to confirm a dislocation or any other bone/joint issues is with x-rays or ct scan - that will allow your doctor to be certain about that. Your history and physical examination are also very improtant, so tell everything to your doctor. The informations you left are not enough to make a clear diagnosis of your problem. Go to an er or a walking clinic for your initial evaluation. Best of luck.