A hard pimple the size of dime near butt crease, very painful also a pea size one near it, what could it be? Hi im 22 years old, sunday night I was laying in bed and near the crease of my butt was itchy when I went to scratch it I noticed a bump, now its

Possibly a cyst. While this could be nothing, it is possible that you could be developing a problem known as a pilonidal cyst. You should have it checked soon, as the only treatment is surgical.
This . This could be a boil or cyst, specifically in that location a pilonidal cyst is very common. These are very painful, often recurrent cystic lesions that occur in the superior aspect of the gluteal crease (superior crease of buttock). Drainage, antibiotics, warm compresses, or surgical excision are the typical modes of treatment. I hope that helps!