Is it normal for an 8yo child to go poop 5 times/day?

5 poops/day not norm. There are a lot of other questions that need to be answered, but the short answer is no it is not normal for an 8 y/o to poop 5 times/day. A more detailed description of the stools and eating and drinking habits is needed here as well as if there is any belly pain, decreased appetite, weight loss, low energy, fevers, etc. Your child should have a visit to the pediatrician to further manage this.
Maybe. Assuming your child is growing and developing normally, and eats a diet full of fruits and vegetables, it may be normal for her to have 8 bms/day. Most us children have 1-2 bm/day. Is this a new pattern? Are they diarrheal or small hard pebbles? Mucus or flecks of blood? This is something you should discuss with her doctor.