My daughter was diagnoised with bacterial endocarditis that damaged her heart valves. They told us the damage is to sever to be what can we do if a doctor said heart valve damage is too sever and we need to make my daughter a dnr. Is there other treatment

Bacterial . Bacterial endocarditis can be a devastating disease indeed and i cannot imagine the pain and suffering you are going through. While far more information is needed to render a definitive opinion, i will offer some thoughts that i hope you will find useful in deciding how best to proceed. Although damage to the heart valves is certainly one of the potential serious complications of bacterial endocarditis, it is important to clarify whether that is in fact the main reason that have led her doctors to recommended that you consider changing your daughter's code status to dnr (an abbreviation for do not resuscitate). In my experience, unless her endocarditis occurred sometime time ago, the damage was very severe, involved multiple valves and went unrecognized and thus untreated for some time, it is possible, if not likely that there are other reasons for the ‘dnr’ recommendation (examples such as infected emboli to her brain or other important organs, etc.). If the reason for the ‘dnr’ recommendation is in fact the severity of her heart valve disease, find out all you can and seek another opinion. Based on what i can discern from your question, I am afraid there is likely to be more here than what is obvious from the available information.
There . There is not enough informaion provided to understand your daughter's condition but certainly you should obtain a second opinion from a cardiologist and i would suggest getting that opinion from a university center and a cardiac team that does a large volume of cardiac surgeries and heart procedures and cardiac transplants.

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No clear guidelines. Prosthetic valve indicates increased risk of endocarditis. Even under current, stricter AHA guidelines, you would need SBE prophylaxis before high-risk procedures, like dental cleaning/extractions, tonsillectomy, I&D of abscesses. No clear data about body piercings, so different MDs have different approaches. Discuss with your MD, but clean the area very well & care for the site after. Take care! Read more...

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