How to clear acne around mouth and chin? I'm 21 years old. I've started dealing with acne around my mouth and on my chin. The ones around my mouth seem to be cystic acne and I've never had this before. The ones on my chin hurt, dry fast and crack and blee

Start with the basic. You should consider skin cleaning and topical otc agents. If that does not work wee a dermatologist. Options include topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics and pdt therapy.
Acne . Acne around the mouth in a 21 year old (female?) is quite common. Typically, topical therapy is only partially effective. I would recommend that you use a benzoyl peroxide cleanser and gel (like panoxyl which is otc) and also see a dermatologist who can possibly prescribe an oral antibiotic. Some patients can improve with birth control pills as well. If your acne is cystic in nature, there is a risk of scarring so i would recommend you get evaluated to reduce the chances of this. I hope that helps!