Can I be pregnant? My boyfriend and I have had sex and not use a condom at first. Then only a few minutes later he would put one on. He also urniates either before we start to have intercourse, or right before he puts the condom on. My question is what

Anytime . Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk for becoming pregnant. Even though he uses a condom there is a chance that some pre-ejaculate is released (this contains sperm). I would guess your chance of becoming pregnant is about the same as one who uses the coitus interuptus method (withdrawal or pull out) this is about 77% effective, therefore you have about a 25% chance of becoming pregnant. I recommend you visit your doctor to discuss birth control options. There are many great options available (the pill, ring, depo injection). You should also always use condoms to protect yourself against std's. Best of luck and happy new year.