Is there a cure for chronic hives and angioderma? Have been suffering from chronics hives for almost 4 years now and no medicines are giving me a permenant relieve. My allergist hasnt done an allergy test to find out if I have a serve allergy to any certa

It . It is unlikely that allergy tests would be of use.There are some medications that can be used off label. Would discuss with your allergist about being seen at a university setting, regarding these. Do note- they are not side effect free.
Chronic . Chronic hives occur up to 1% of population, more commonly in adults. It is a self-limited disease. According to university based research, about 30-50% of them recover in one year although nearly 20% of them continue to have hives after 5 years. There is no cure. There are several proposed theory of the causes of the disease, however, none appears to be helpful in determining the treatment or prognosis. With proper treatment it can be controlled. Allergy tests are not helpful. . Clinicaltrials.Gov is a website that you can search for different clinical studies. Many options are available if you search for urticaria or angioedema.