If you had precocious puberty as a child, will that have an affect on your health as an adult?

No. No is the short answer. There was a one particular study that came put in the 1990s looking into women who had first menses at a ver young age ~6-7yrs and they found out that 2 decades later they went on to have normal fertility and conception. The long term data on use of Lupron (leuprolide) (commonly used in girls with early puberty) is also reassuring. Hope this helps !
Maybe. Early puberty can happen for a variety of reasons, and the reasons tend to be different in boys than in girls. In boys it tends to be more worrisome, more frequently in girls it tends to be benign. The long term effects, if any, depend entirely on the cause. A child with precocious puberty should always undergo an evaluation to determine the cause.
Expect no bad effect. If puberty starts early, a wise parent can use the opportunity to guide and teach a child important lessons about life. Parents can teach about healthy diets, sports & exercise, human anatomy, emotions & relationships, personal hygiene, etc... Currently, some doctors believe early puberty means more total years of exposure to natural estrogen, which may increase breast cancer risk later in life.