Terrible low back pain l4=5 ans s1 are bulging I am a 36 yr old disabled coal miner from wv with terrible low back pain pain meds are out of the question I have tried pt with no help what can ido

Back pain. The back pain can be caused by spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement ... The treatment depends on the cause of the pain. It might include physical therapy, medication, injections, surgery ... If you don't like to take medication, you should seek help from a health care provider for a comprehensive evaluation. You might benefit from therapy and injection.
It . It is hard to give you much of a game plan without the benefit of performing a comprehensive examination, reviewing x-rays and mris. In general terms weight reduction, and a regular stretching program for the back are simple measures that you can do on your own. Water exercises, yoga and thai chi are all very good. Be careful with the use of narcotics since it often leads to dependence, dental problems with loss of teeth, and atrophies the testicles leading to a low testosterone level, leading to a higher cardiovascular risk (heart attacks), osteoporosis, mood swings and impotence. I guess you don't want any of the above!