Do I have herpes? Okay, so my vagina hurts, really bad. Just the outside of it hurts, though, not inside the vaginal canal. My clitoris hurts, extremely bad, to where even if I sit it's tender and immediate pain. Around the outside of my vaginal canal the

Possible. What you describe could certainly be due to herpes. To be sure see your doctor for an exam and possible cultures or a biopsy. The doctor can help you with the pain and if it is indeed herpes you may benefit from suppressive medication.
Without . Without being able to examine you, i can't really tell what is going on. You should go see your doctor - especially with the amount of pain you describe. All genital sores should be evaluated since it could be any number of things such as chancroid, molluscum, syphillis, or granuloma inguinale just to name a few. Even if it is herpes, there are prescription medications that can shorten the duration and help prevent breakouts. It is important that you be examined so you can have the correct diagnosis and treatment. Good luck!