Be sides surgery is there any other way you can make your breast smaller? If surgery is the only option how do I go about doing that?

Other . Other than breast reduction surgery, often considered to relieve neck and back pain or other medical problems associated with having large breasts, diet and exercise (ie losing weight overall) would be the only other way to "make" your breasts smaller. There are several resources online for learning more about breast reduction surgery. To pursue finding the right solution for you, consider speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon who can discuss your reasons and options with you in person.
Surgical . Surgical breast reduction is the tried and true way of making a breast smaller. Liposuction of the breast has been used by some surgeons but leaves a saggy breast and is still surgical. Weight loss will often help make the breasts smaller. Other than this I do not know of other good reliable ways to make the breast smaller. Good luck!
The . The only way to make breasts smaller is throiugh surgery or i guess if you lost alot of weight you breast volume could go down but there are no creams or lotions to buy.One could also use liposuction but your breasts may sag and again it is an operation.