Just had 3 positive pregancy test and had some bleeding and it stop suddenly. Did I have a misscariage remember that your question will be posted in a public forum for all to see. Include all relevant details, but please omit any personally identifiable

Even . Even though vaginal bleeding while pregnant could be from a miscarriage, there are also many other reasons for bleeding - especially in your first trimester. 20-30% of all pregnant women experience some vaginal bleeding in the first trimester. Some causes are harmless such as slight bleeding after sex from a sensitive cervix or implantation bleeding (usually around when you should have had a period). Other causes are more concerning such as a miscarriage or threatened miscarriage. Some reasons for bleeding need to be taken care of immediately such an ectopic pregnancy (where the egg implants in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus) or partial miscarriage. In order to know what is going on with you, you should call your doctor. They may do blood work and/or and ultrasound depending on how far along you are to determine the cause of your bleeding. A good rule of thumb is to call your doctor with any bleeding during pregnancy. Good luck!