What do you do when you are abandoned by your physician? My endocrinologist abruptly fired me as his patient after he and my attorney had an argument getting my medical records. The legal matter was not about him in any way. I had been his patient for 12

FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR. Doctors have a right to dismiss the patients from there care after giving you a notice to that effect and giving you enough time to find another physician in the same speciality.But has to be avaialable for emergency treatment in that period and is supposed to release your records to the new specialist You can discuss with the doctor if he will change his mind and continue to take care of you.
You . You deserve an explanation. You should call again and ask to speak to the office manager, tell him/her about your concerns and hopefully you will get some answers. A cancelled appointment could have been for many reasons, dont assume it was because your doctor no longer wants to see you. In the meantime your primary care provider will be able to manage your diabetes. Good luck.