If my child has asperger's syndrome, is violent behavior normal?

Undersatnding. Asperger's syndrome and its complexity, helps 2 better manage the challenging issues & relationships children & adults affected by the disorder, have w/ environment. In addition 2 medical & behavioral help ur son need 2 have, 2 books by daniel tammet, autistic savant: "born on a blue day" autobio & "embracing the wide sky" more informative on asperger's r both great sources of info. Best wishes.
Not really. No, violent behavior is not a primary symptom or behavior associated with asperger's syndrome. However, because part of Asperger syndrome is communication and socialization problems, as children age they often get frustrated and distressed about their relationship with others. Sometimes this leads to aggression and outbursts. But true violence is not a piece of asperger's.
No. Children with Asperger syndrome have impairment with social interaction but are not violent.
Children with ASD. (autistic spectrum disorder, the current diagnosis for as) often have anxiety disorders & adhd that contribute to their emotional over-reactivity, but they can have other mental illnesses as well, like mood disorders. Seek diagnostic evaluation & medical management from a child psychiatrist & behavioral therapy from a child psychologist.