I can't move my ankle. I've been walking on the side of my foot for 2 days. Can you please help me? I thought I popped it out of place but this has been happening every morning when I wake up for at least a month. I can usually get it back to normal withi

Needs an evaluation. It is very, very difficult to "pop your ankle out of place". That is a medical emergency. You may be having some kind of tendon issue going on that tightens up while you sleep. Try wrapping your ankle or getting a soft ankle brace and sleep with it to see if that helps. May need further evaluation to find out what the problem is.
The . The fact that this has been happening every morning for about a month leads me to believe that something worrisome is going on in your ankle and/or the ligaments that support it. You should see your primary care provider for an examination and possibly imaging studies. In the meantime use an ace bandage (not too tight) to support your ankle, rest it, ice it, and keep it elevated as much as possible. Best of luck.