I accident got a very very very small amount of super glue in my mouth what do I do? I washed my mouth with water, tooth paste, mouth rise,

Very small amount. If you feel sick, go see your physician, but a tiny amount generally ok, but do not use superglue for any dental anything, use dental cements for your dental temps, use dental denture adhesive for denture retention, etc. Use dental products for dental purposes! not superglue.
I do not think so. Watch for the upset stomach and other GI symptoms if you noticed any competing or diarrhea definitely to see your dr.
Unless . Unless you are in pain, have a burn, abrasion, erosion, or signs of infection (redness, pain, pus, fever) then you probably got all the the super glue out of your mouth and wont need a medical evaluation. However if any of the above occur or you have any other unusual symptoms (i.e. Tingling, itching, difficulty breathing) seek medical attention right away.
Contact Poison Help. Contact poison control center at: call 1-800-222-1222 to find out exactly -- be sure to have the container handy so that they will know the exact brand and ingredients.
It will be ok. This glue is essentially plastic. So spit it out and you should be fine.