Are there less side effects with a mini pill than wirh combination birth control? I have been on combo pills for 3 months and am depressed and moody...Would a mini pill be better?

Maybe. In my clinical experience, if women experience negative mood changes with birth control, removing the estrogen, and sticking to straight Progesterone can help improve your mood back to normal, like the mini pill.
Honestly . Honestly it is very difficult to say if your depression and moodiness will improve with the mini-pill. Each person responds differently to hormones, and it is virtually impossible to determine how you will be affected by a change in pills. You may want to consider a birth control pill with a lower dose of hormone(i.E loestrin or lo loestrin) instead of a progestin only pill (mini pill). Another option would be the nuva ring. Please discuss all your options with your medical provider. Good luck.

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On birth control pill for 3 yrs, switched to aviane in dec. Beg. 2 weeks ago I have exp. Sudden side effects: moodiness, fatigue, depression. Normal?

No. Switching pills may cause such changes, but they should only be temporary. If they persist, switch pills with the advice of your healthcare provider. Read more...