How do I differentiate between syphilis and chancroid? Whats the most secretive way of getting tested for either? There are many differences between the syphilitic chancre and chancroid: i. Chancres are typically painless, whereas chancroid are typically

Professional care. Correct about usually painful versus painless genital sores. But there's been no chancroid in the US for many years, except maybe a few who caught it elsewhere and returned home with chancroid. Most genital ulcers aren't due to either one; herpes is far and away the most common cause. See a doctor for exam and testing. Don't worry about "secretive": medical confidentiality laws are very strong.
If . If you think you have a sexually transmitted disease, you need to go to a doctor and get tested and treated as soon as possible. You should also notify your sexual partners. In the future, you should practice safe sex by using a condom or barrier every time you have sex. Everything you say to the doctor is confidential.