What should I do? I had a heart procedure done on the 17th of dec. This done in my right wrist. It hurt so much I went back to that doctor and he ran a ultrasound on my arm now tells me a I have blood clot that runs from wrist to elbow. What should I do?

The . The doctor who performed the ultrasound should have given you instructions concerning your blood clot. Were you started on a blood thinner? Were you told that you would just be monitored? You need to contact the doctor and tell them you are unsure of the plan regarding the blood clot and get detailed instructions. Please clarify what procedure you had done dec 17th; i believe you may have made an error when typing. Regardless, you should get in touch with your doctor right away. Best of luck.
Likely nothing. This is a known risk and should have been explained. It avoids a groin puncture of a larger blood vessel and some bleeding complications but this smaller radial artery if compromised can clot. The ulnar artery should take over( and was likely tested pre procedure just in case. Some clots may/will resorb over time. Others have good collaterals and no problem will develop. Rarely surgery to clear.