Who is the best person to see for dark circles under eyes a dermatologist or an eye doctor? Who could treat the problem the best?

Treating. Treating dark circles under the eyes is quite a challenge. There are several options that can help some patients but no magic formula. Typically, the tendency to develop dark circles is somewhat hereditary but can be due to vascular congestion, chronic allergy, chronic irritation, and other factors. Most dermatologists are asked about this problem quite frequently and are trained to discuss your treatment options. I hope this helps!
There. There are several different types of specialists who can assess your problem of dark circles under the eyes. Dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons would all be able to assess your concerns. Dark circles under the eyes have several possible causes. It can be due to chronic vascular congestion; shadowing in the area that results from facial volume loss (this can be treated with an in- office filler injection or facial fat grafting); or genetics. Some people simply have more pigmentation in their lower eyelid skin. This is very difficult to change.

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My 3 yr old has very dark circles under eyes, doctors keep saying it's nothing. What can I do? Could she be deficient? She eats and sleeps well.

Dark circles. This very well could be normal. Children have thinner skin than adults so the blood vessels will show through giving a darker appearance. Often this darker skin can run though families or be a sign of allergies.
Nasal congestion. Check for nasal obstruction which is related to the dark circles which usually improve with relief of the nasal congestion often related to allergies in a child of this age. Talk to your doctor.

What is the best way to get rid of dark circles under eyes I sleep enough but just can't get rid of it?

2 poss. Reasons. 1. Are you getting 8 plus hours of sleep at nite? 2. Do you have any food allergies? The most common food allergy that will cause dark circle under the eyes is allergy to dairy.

Girl.6.Obese, always hungry, sweats profusely, body odor, chronic cough, very active but doesn't lose weight. Dark circles under eyes. Sleep problems. Ideas?

Pediatrician. Evaluation, might need to be evaluated as well by an endocrinologist for her obesity problem, and an allergist for the chronic cough and the? Allergic shiners (dark circles under eyes), check aaaai. Org or acaai. Org for an allergist/immunologist in your area, good luck.