I got hit by a car, ambulance came n said I was ok n just left, I was in shock- da next day- went to ER with neck injury I got hit by a car while riding my bicyle @ a intersection coming from side walk n cross it when the traffic lights went red like a p

I am so sorry . Hear about this trauma. Sometimes injuries ; their symptoms are not immediately apparent after an accident. It is good that you had your neck evaluated even if the next day.
I . I am so sorry to hear about this horrible ordeal. Negligence is something that an attorney can help you sort through. I suggest you post a question to our lawyers here on avvo.Com for that issue. Thankfully for you, you only have a cervical sprain. It could have been a lot worse(ccervical fracture, paralysis). Please follow the instructions for care of your neck injury as given by the er. Good luck.