I have a ill defined hyperechoic solid nodule on my thyroid. This is what is noted on the ultrasound report. Is this cancer? Thats what was noted on the ultrasound reports. I am waiting for an appt with a ENT doctor. My thyroid lab results were normal. I h

Ultrasound . Ultrasound is very nonspecific in determing malignant from benign nodules, as dr. Cayce t jehaimi mentioned many of the pertinent characteristics for malignant lesions, size is a major criteria when determining to biopsy a nodule which is the only way to be certain whether it is benign or malignant. Nuclear scans are also used to correlate with the ultrasound findings to help o determine if a nodule warrants biopsy or not. Keep in mind benign thyroid nodules are very common as we age. If you would like a second review of your ultrasound, we do offer this service in certain parts of the country. Dr. Khoury radiologist usradreview.Com.
A . A thyroid nodule that appears "hyperechoic" as in your case, meaning brighter than surrounding tissue, is more likely to be of benign nature. Again, as i stated in my previous response, several factors play into the decision of whether the nodule needs to be looked at more closely and if the nodule has certain charterstics such as being hypoechoic, has irregular borders, microcalcifications, or very high levels of blood flow within the nodule. Furthermore, many thyroid diseas your upcoming appointment is a good step in the right direction. Hope this makes more sense. Cayce jehaimi, md faap pediatric endocrinology & diabetes fort myers, fl usa.