"i had black all over my mouth and tunge it came off with when y was brushing my mouth I did not eat nothing black it was mainly in the tounge I have asid reflex and I had 2 pepteobismol tablest las night, this black in my tunge appear this morning

Medication. The source of the black stain can be from the medication you had been taking. Pepto as well as kapectate is a bismuth s chemical which can become black leading to black on tongue from heartburn(acid reflex) or to your stools. There are better meds for acid reflex. See you md. Don't worry about tongue stain. Brush or scape it to clean it.
It . It was the pepto. It comes out in stool black, so my assumption is it refluxed upward in the same way. You should see a doctor to consider treatment for acid reflux which can be a sign of something more serious.