When is the best time to get an ultasound done? I went to the ER on the 14 this month wich was two days ago and they said I was pregnant an they diid two pee test an a blood test and they came back poss but they did an ultrasound an nothin was showing

Good . Good question. The blood test is very variable in the accuracy in the dating of pregnancy, actually it not a very accurate indicator. Under ultrasound, there are typical signs of a pregnancy at approximately 5 weeks after pregnancy. The best way to indicate the gestational age of your pregnancy is by your last menstrual period. There are several online calculators were you input your last menstrual period and it will give the your gestational age (age of your fetus) and your due date. Follow-up with your doctor to schedule a routine OB ultrasound. If you are having symptoms, you should seek medical advice. Dr. Khoury radiologist usradreview.Com.