While having a bm and put a little pressure to complete it I feel something protruding from the vagina, is this normal? I am able to push this protruding thing back in. Could it be that my insides have dropped?

Feeling. Feeling a bulge in or coming from the vagina when on your feet for long periods, when lifting, or after straining, is often the first symptom a woman will notice if she has what is often called "pelvic organ prolapse". Pelvic organs that may cause the protrusion you feel may include the uterus and cervix, bladder, rectum, and urethra. The normal support tissues and muscles that hold these organs in place may stretch out over time. Giving birth, excessive physical activity, aging, and genetics may all play a role in determining whether a woman will develop this problem. You should see an ob/gyn provider, who can get a more detailed history from you, and perform a pelvic exam to see what is causing this sensation of "something protruding". Depending on the cause, a variety of treatments may be available. Sometimes no treatment is needed. Once you understand what the problem is, you may feel comfortable just watching things. Many patients with pelvic organ prolapse do not need treatment, but may benefit from making some adjustments to avoid activities that tend to make the prolapse worse.