Do ADHD children have more detention than other students?

The hyperactive type. Children who have the hyperactive subtype and are not treated, are likely to have detention more often than non ADD children.
Safeguards exist in. Section 504 of the american rehabilitation act for classroom modification for students with adhd, including a behavior plan that lists steps to be taken when inappropriate behaviors occur. Adhd managed optimally with medications, behavioral & social skills therapy & environmental manipulations requires ongoing communication amongst parents, teacher, doctor & therapist. See chadd.Org for details.
Some subtypes don't. The hyperactive/impulsive subtype of adhd is more likely to have behavior problems in school than the mostly inattentive subtype, who usually flies below the radar. Also, adhd patients with comorbid conduct or behavioral disorders are much more likely to break rules in school, on the road, & in society in general than those with uncomplicated adhd.
Yes. Due to their impulsivity as well as their hyperactivity, especially talking in class and wandering around the classroom, children with adhd are more likely to wind up on detention .
Yes. Adhd students are best taught at home. A distant second is a montesorri classroom and at no time should they be placed in a public school. Public schools get extra money for adhd only if the child has academic problems. As you might imagine they will continue to have academic problems for their entire stay.