So I wanna know if I can get a tattoo? So I wanna know if I can get a tattoo? When I was in 8th grade I got my ears pierce 2-3 weeks after that I got a keloid but didn't know it was until my 10 grade yr. It really wasn't noticeable it was small but when I

I . I definitely would not recommend getting a tattoo. You already know that you are prone to keloids, so any injury to the skin, including a tattoo can predispose you to more. I would highly recommend avoiding any unnecessary procedure to your skin, because keloids are difficult to treat and often cannot be treated effecively.
Not safe. Tattooing can cause keloids. Avoid!keloids & hypertrophic scars are basically treated the same initially: silicone tape/gel (myscaraway, from walgreens/online). If these don't help, see your dr for steroid/bleomyvin injections, or external electron-beam radiotherapy.Do not let anyone cut it out if keloid confirmed, it will simply grow larger!
As . As a medical professional, it is difficult to advise anyone to get a tattoo. If you proceed, you should seek a professional with sterile equipment. As a plastic surgeon, we understand the desire for cosmetic enhancements. With this in mind, remember that a tattoo should be considered permanent. Although there are lasers to remove them, they will likely cost 10-20 times what you pay to have them placed. Furthermore, not all colors can be removed and some can even become worse with treatment. With all that said, if you are intent on getting a tattoo, i would advise a test patch near the area without pigment that you could try out prior to getting a larger more permanent disfiguring tattoo.