I am 35 ADHD adult on strattera (atomoxetine) want to get pregnant what other medications can I take instead can I stay on straterra

ADHd and pregnancy. There, unfortunately, are no medications for adhd that have been proven to be safe in pregnancy. You should consult with your ob/gyn doctor and your psychiatrist.
Talk with your Dr. I would have a discussion with your Doctor about these plans. I know several people who stop their medication during pregnancies and then restart. Working closely with your Dr is important here.

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I was on ADHD medication and it used to make me violently sick, I was on strattera (atomoxetine) now I can't eat in to mornings because I get nauseated is this bad?

If I understand correctly. You are no longer on any psychiatric medications that would cause morning nausea. With that out-of-the-way I think we should take a look at the advil (ibuprofen) that you're taking that can cause nausea and stomach irritation and potentially loss of appetite. If you are concerned about this, I think it's worthy of a discussion with your family dr. Best wishes for a blessed holiday season.
Please clarify. If you're no longer on strattera (atomoxetine) and its been at least 3-4 days that you have taken it, i'd expect any effects to be gone by now. It's true that nausea can be a side effect, but there are ways to manage this to give strattera (atomoxetine) a good trial (start with the lowest dose, take with largest meal, stay on it 'til any se disappear, then increase grad and only as tolerated). Other reasons for am nausea?
ADHD MEDS: There are different, stimulant and non-stimulant. If one is not helpful or has side effects, other one is prescribed. Talk to the prescribing physician to change your med. Starting dose usually should be low, then gradually titrated up as per need and tolerance. Usual side effects: loss of appetite and weight, sleep problem, some headache, etc. These resolves in 2-3 weeks.

What do you suggest if I have add and ADHD and I'm a musician will this the drug strattera (atomoxetine) help me with memorizing music a?

Not exactly. Strattera (atomoxetine) is a a non-psychostimulant which means it helps increase attention (reduce distractibility) without acting like an amphetamine (body wired, stimulated). You may pay more attention to the music heard, but recall of rhythm, tempo, or lyrics may take memory-repetition tasks; otherwise, you risk recalling either the beginning (primary) or end (recency) of the song, but in between.
By impoving. Concentrating ability and decreasing destratability you may be able to learn music better but still takes repetition.

Why isn't there more research going into developing non-addictive ADHD meds for adults? Strattera (atomoxetine) doesn't seem to work for many people.

Don't have an answer. But would you find it hard to believe that the answer to your question ultimately revolves around $$ for the pharmaceutical industry. They probably simply don't see the market big enough to do something which will get them the type of return they're looking for with their millions and millions of r;d that they'd have to put out for this....
Have effective meds. There are already medications that are not addictive, such as Provigil, nuvigil, Amantadine. Even the stimulants such as methylphenidate such as EitLin and Concerta as well as amphetamines such as Adderall and Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) are not addictive when prescribed for ADHD and a pAtient follows doctors instructions with regular monitoring. It is when not taken as prescribed or without monitoring addictive.

Could HGH up still be consumed if you take ibuprofen or strattera (atomoxetine) for adhd?

Only if. They are deficient. Otherwise it's illegal, unhealthy, unnecessary and dangerous. There is no reason to take hgh unless you are deficient and a doctor has prescribed it. Otherwise, who knows what you're injecting into your body. Don't do stupid things to your body, it's the only one you'll ever have.

Does it take a psychiatrist to prescribe strattera (atomoxetine) (for adhd) or can my family physician make the diagnosis?

A family doc can. But most of them feel more comfortable referring to a psychiatrist.
Depends. Physicians who treat add may be psychiatrists, neurologists or developmental pediatricians. Sometimes peditricians or family doctors have invested the time it takes to manage these patients properly. So, no, a psychiatrist is not your only option. Best option is using a doctor that has training & experience in diagnosing & treating add. Writing a prescription is easy managing problems well is hard.
YES, AND... Your family doc can make the dx. Hopefully the psychiatrist might know more about adhd but either could diagnose. However, I've found straterra less helpful than most stimulant meds. I wonder why you're more interested in that med. You may need to find out more about all of them so go to a dr with lots of experience eith adhd and ask what concerns you.