Is 174/134 too high for a woman's blood pressure, and if so what should they do? She is 47 years old

A . A healthy blood pressure is anything 120/80 or less. 120-130/80-90 is considered pre-hypertension and anything 130 and above / 90 and above is hypertension (aka high blood pressure). 174/134 is very high and she should contact her doctor immediately. Her doctor may want to repeat her blood pressure again just to make sure it really is that high. If it is, she needs to be started on blood pressure medication and may need additional studies to find out why her pressure is so high. If her doctor is unavailable, you should consider going to the er. Good luck!
See a doctor. If she truly had 174/134, she should see her doctor immediately. I said "IF" because most of the times, lay people do not know how to take BP correctly.