Can botox injections help people suffering from chronic migraines? Hello. I'm a female in my mid-twenties and have suffered from migraine headaches for as long as I can remember. I've been to several neurologist and undergone several test to determine the

Yes, if you qualify. Botox has been fda approved for chronic migraine, and I have seen it work very well for a number of patients. That being said, the criteria for getting the treatment are quite stringent- i would follow up with a neurologist who offers the treatment to see if you meet those criteria and, if not, what other options are available to you.
YES!!!! Try Botox for your migraines. I treat several patients that suffer with migraines and they all say that no treatment has helped as much as botox. It dramatically lessens the durations and severity of migraines.
Botox. Many of my patients who have suffered from long-term headaches starting in childhood have benefited from Botox treatments. If you respond to either Botox or nerve blocks (i.e. your headaches get TEMPORARILY better), then you may be a candidate for surgical headache treatment - a permanent solution for certain patients with chronic headaches.
Yes. The fda has approved Botox for treatment for migraines. There also is a little known (by md's) additional treatment for migraines that is fda approved, and is not a drug. This is an oral appliance called the nti-tss that is worn during sleep and reduces facial muscle contractions that occur during the sleep cycle. We use this method along with Botox in our office as a dual approach to treat.
Botox. Botox is a purified protein that, when injected into muscles, causes muscles to relax. There have been studies that have shown relief of frontal migraines with botox.
Yes, . Yes, you are correct -- botix injections are now fda approved for chronic migraines (at least 15 headache days a month). Injections are every 3 months and can be done by your neurologist.
Yes... You may want to consider having your doctor/headache specialist see if Botox can be approved for your migraine headaches. If it works you could have significantly less migraines for at least 3-4 months at a time. Many times people's migraines are cut in half if not more. The use of your oral migraine prevention medications and abortives are much more helpful and reduce occurrences even better.