How much does it cost to remove 7 warts at a dr. Office in dallas tx.? I have been having warts grow on my rigth hand for maybe 2 years now. I have 3 full grown warts and 4 that are growing. Theyre pretty big too. I've tried dr. Scholls freeze away and d

Doctors . Doctors are typically under contract to provide services at a set cost so it is difficult to tell you cost. My guess it would be $200 dollars or so and might take more than one visit to treat them. I would call and ask your local dermatologist. Liquid nitrogen therapy in the office can be very helpful. Otc options aren't usually all that effective unfortunately. Perhaps consider filing each night, applying an otc salicylic acid, and then occluding with duct tape. That can help in some cases and might be worth a try.