Can you child get kicked out of school for being depressed?

I hope not. Depression is rather common, and if it were a cause for exclusion from school, i suspect we would have a lot more children looking for vaction days by complaining they are not in the mood. More seriously, children are entitled to a free and appropriate education and this would be a violation of the ada. Now if the child is irritbable threatens/hurts other children, it is another thing.
Depression in. children can often be expressed as bad behavior. Whereas, in adults, depression is more often seen as sad emotions. If the child is disruptive and acting out that might lead to his/ her removal.
No. But your child can get kicked out for behaving badly, acting out in violent or unacceptable ways, or failing classes because he/she is depressed. A child who is depressed but sits quietly and doesn't get in trouble is not going to get kicked out; but that child needs help just as much as the child who is getting in fights.